ACT Summer Tour 2017


The Annual Connection Tour will be June 10 through 17 this year. The early date was selected in the hopes of a chance at cooler weather. The tour will be a series of day rides out of a temporary campground we will arrange at a ranch belonging Bob Tullock, a colleague of mine from Cal Poly. The ranch is about 5 miles north of Paso Robles. If you are not familiar with the area, Paso Robles translates to pass of the oaks, a name well deserved. It is just east of the coast range a little north of San Luis Obispo. It has become a major wine production area with over 100 wineries scattered about. Most days there will be two route selections, an aggressive option and a less aggressive one. Since there is no need to carry gear, you can choose to use your road bike if you wish. Most rides will be out of the ranch, but we may relocate by car to a remote start on one or two days.
The accommodations on the site will be similar to those we had at Napa last year with rented portable potties and hand wash setup. Bob has a “mother-in-law suite” with a small kitchen and one shower that will be available to us. Additional showers will be off site, 5 minutes by car and 20 to 25 minutes by bike. You can also bring your own solar shower if you wish. If you want to bring your RV, there will be space for it. No bathroom hookup is available. Electricity is available but not enough to run an air conditioner. For those who do not wish to camp, there is a variety of motel accommodations and at least one RV park south of the site in Paso. Hotels are far cheaper than we found in Napa. Note that the fee is reduced for those staying in off-site accommodations. We will try to connect people wanting to stay off site to share space and cost.
The ACT will provide simple breakfast foods and materials for a packable lunch. Dinner will be prepared by the group, organized into teams, at the ranch. Those who will be in off-site accommodations are to be included in the team arrangements. Cost of food is included in the registration fee.
It should be a great exploration of the region and an amiable gathering of old and new friends. I hope you will all join us in Paso!
Fred Roth

If you have any questions or comments please email me

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